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STOMP MOLLE Bag with Full 300+pc Medical Kit in 5 color bags

STOMP MOLLE Bag with Full 300+pc Medical Kit in 5 color bags
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Product Description

STOMP MOLLE Bag with Full 300+pc Medical Kit in 5 color bags
STOMP Medical Kit 300 plus items 20lbs or Gear!


The Stomp Medical Kit has a wide variety of contents and is used by professionals including medics and army personnel. The backpack is available in five colors, Black, Red, Coyote Tan, OD and ACU. The bag contains many velcro and zippered compartments for easy access to over three hundred items inside.

First Aid Medical Supplies You can receive in this kit:

1- Cervical collar

2- Multitrauma dressing 20"x30"

3- Elastic bandage 6"

100- Bandage strips assorted

2- Sam/universal splints

4- BleedStop bandage

10- Abdominal pads 5"x9"

10- Gauze sponges 2"x2"

2- Skin and eye wash

1- Calamine lotion 6oz.

1- Blood pressure kit

1- Stethoscope

2- Combat casualty blanket

3- Triangular bandages

5- Burn aid packages

40- Pain reliever

2- CPR mask

2- Elastic bandage gauze 4.5"x4yds.

5- Sterile pads 4"x4"

5- Eye pads

20-Triple antibiotic packages

20-Ammonia inhalants

6- Scalpel blades

2- EMT shears

4- Air ways

2- Lip treatment

1- Stainless steel tweezers

1- Penlight

4- Hemostats

1- Stainless steel probe

1- Scalpel handle #3

3- Instant ice packs

5- Suture set

20-Alcohol wipes

100-Iodine wipes

26-Antiseptic BZK wipes

1- First aid book

6- Elastic bandage 2"

3- Tape 1"

20-Bandage strips 2"x3"

1- Instant Glucose

20-Knuckle bandages

20-Butterfly strip

5- Pair nitrile gloves

5- Tongue depressor

1- Burn spray

2- Israeli 4" dressing

2- Israeli 6" dressing

3- QuikClot

6- Safety pins

1- Hand sanitizer

9- After bite wipes