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New Pup Tent order for H. Nobushi

New Pup Tent order for H. Nobushi
Item# newitem443822503
Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Product Description

This custom order is for 18 New U.S. Military Complete Pup Tents With this order only 15 tents are being charged for, due to 3 tents were already paid for from order#1484, also a shipping credit of $44.30 has been applied to this order.

With this order you are getting 15 complete tents that you are paying for. with 3 additional pre-paid tents for a total of 18 tents to be shipped in 3 cases with 6 complete tents per case.

These tents are packed and ready to be shipped to zip code 90501, as soon as we receive clear payment.

Thanks again Bobby