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Military Surplus Clothing and more

Military Surplus Clothing and more
This section is for you to see that we have many other items but do not have them listed here on the website. Much of this we sell so much of it that its hard to keep any invintory for this website updated.

Please contact me for what you need! Let me know what colors and size uniforms you need so I can check inventory.

Contact me at 706-795-5979 or bobby@militaryfieldgear.com

We have Military Surplus Good Used Clothing in many Camo Patterns.

We have Many Camo Patterns:

Woodland Camo Uniforms

DCU Camo Uniforms

ACU Digital Battle Uniforms

Muti-Cam Battle Uniforms

Gortex Uniforms

Rain Suits

Cold Weather Gear

M-65 Jackets

Fleece Jackets

Arctic Suits

We have many Military Surplus wooden creates

Many Different types of ammo cans


ACH Helmets

Military Vintage Field Desks

Water Tight Containers Various Sizes