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Hammock self standing Military 4ft Aluminum pole stands. No tree needed.

Hammock Stand Kits w/ 16pk Military "Used" 4ft Aluminum Poles. Comes with Heavy Duty OD Green Carrying Bag.
Hammock Stand Kits w/ 16pk Military "Used" 4ft Aluminum Poles. Comes with Heavy Duty OD Green Carrying Bag.
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Product Description

Hammock Stand Kits w/ 16pk Military "Used" 4ft Aluminum Poles. Comes with Heavy Duty OD Green Carrying Bag.
This Hammock Stand Kit will Only include 16 USED Military 4ft Aluminum Poles with a Carrying Bag! I found instructions on the Hammock Forum on how and what hardware was needed to put these together. If you need these instructions I can email them or the link to you just send me a email or call me.

I have put one together so far and it works great!

The 4ft Aluminum Poles are USED but in Good Shape!

You Get with this order;

16 Used Military Aluminum 4ft Ribbed Poles 1 Used Heavy Duty Vinyl Carrying Bag Please Note::: My Bags are in Used Worn Shape. Will have wear with possible holes and tares but will still hold poles. We are very low on bags at this time.

All Made in the USA.

Military Aluminum Pole Kits Used for Portable Hammock Stands Detailed Directions and Hardware needed to put your Hammock Stand kit together.

This process I found on the Hammock forums. I did make one and it does work! You will need to add a limiter of some type to help keep your 3 legs from going out too far!

They drilled 5/16" holes 43 inches up from the bottom of the pole (The tops are inconsistent by up to 1/8" and measuring from them will result in differences) and drilled through the thickest part of the pole, where the aluminum tube is combined with the inserted aluminum.

2 - 4 1/2 inch 5/16 bolts (These have to be full length threaded bolts to work!) 2 - 4" 5/16 eye bolts 6 - Standard Washers (For the bolt that goes through the poles, 3 for each tripod) Picture shows 4 but I used 6 4- Larger Pan washers (2 for each eye-bolt ) 4 - 5/15 Nylon Lock nuts ( locking the 4 1/2" bolt and the eye bolt for each stand ) 2 - 5/16 standard nuts ( For each eye Bolt) 2 - 3/8 inch pieces cut from 1/2" PVC pipe ( You will need to press the 3/8 cut pieces of PVC into the eyes of the 5/16 eye bolts. You will need to cut about inch or less out of the PVC so it will squeeze together and fit snug in the eye of the bolt. Then you will need to press the 5/16 standard nuts into the PVC this will create a Pivot point on the threaded bolt using the eye bolt. )

All the information in this FREE handout was gathered from information found online. This information was found openly on different Hammock forums located online. Any and all information in this handout is to be used only for hobby reasons. We do not warranty or sell any of the hardware listed in this handout.

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