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2pk 50cal M2A1 US Military Metal Ammo Can New Blackhawk ( No ETA on Restock )

2pk 50cal M2A1 US Military Metal Ammo Can New Blackhawk ( No ETA on Restock )
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Product Description

2 ( Two ) New 50cal M2A1 US Military Ammo Can

Metal Ammo Can New Blackhawk

Keep your ammo and magazines secure with the time tested design of this BLACKHAWK! Ammo Canister. This classical M2A1 can is ideally sized to facilitate safe and secure storage for rounds of all shapes and sizes.

Each ammo can container seals tightly to keep the contents dry with a tight-fitting lid that locks down over the bottom snugly.

The classical design includes a durable carry handle located at the top of the unit on the lid, which lays flat when it is not in use.

Each M2A1 ammo can storage can makes a fantastic companion to your piece.

It is able to be used with a bicycle or padlock to keep your magazines and ammo boxes safe from theft and tampering. Shooters and military collectors will appreciate the high quality military-grade steel and built in rubber gasket that allow this canister to seal air-tight.

It stacks neatly with other canisters for easy storage and fits easily into most locking gun cabinets. Preserve your rounds and keep them safe until you need them with the BLACKHAWK! Ammo Canister.

BLACKHAWK! Ammo Can Container, M2A1:

Airtight and watertight with a removable lid with a rubber gasket, flat folding handle for carrying, lever lid.

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel.

Ammo gun canister is green in color.

Cans measure 11"L x 7"W x 5.5"H and are factory clean inside and out.

All Made in the USA Can